Scotty Gibbons

Scotty Gibbons has invested over twenty years of ministry in the local church and served as National Youth Strategist for the Assemblies of God. He speaks at a variety of youth, adult and family events and has a passion for leadership development in pastors. He is the author of four books including his most recent release, The Big Ten: A Quick Access Guide to Ten Youth Ministry Essentials. Scotty currently resides in Missouri with his wife, Casey, and their six children.

Casey Gibbons

While most of Casey’s time and energy are spent raising the family and homeschooling, she also enjoys reading, traveling with Scotty, and writing on her blog She currently serves as Teen Specialist for National Girls Ministries and is the author of the book, A Girl’s Life with God.┬áMore than anything, Casey loves seeing people know Christ while living a life full of joy and peace.


Jordan is a fun-loving, active, happy 1 year old who loves to eat, go places and snuggle!


Angelina is a hilarious 5 year old who is all about Doctor McStuffins, the color purple, horses, macaroni and watermelon. On the flip side, she is completely interested in training to be an American Ninja Warrior. Her nickname is “Lovie” as she is very tender towards others.


Allison is a sweet-spirited 8 year old who enjoys math, horses, stuffed animals, riding her bike and reading but most of all, ballet. She loves to encourage people and always looks forward to family meals and going to church.


Bria is a blast! She is an enthusiastic 10 year old who seems to always be care-taking babies or baby dolls, focusing on her art or letting all her energy out with cheerleading. She loves being with people and thinks highly of her friends.


Kelly is 12 years old and is thoroughly enjoying the 7th grade. She spends her time working at home in the domestic arts, tap dancing and keeping company with elderly people. She dreams of becoming a nurse or a mother one day and is the author of the book, “Deep Thoughts by Kelly Grace Age 9” and has her second book release in the works to encourage others in their life with God.


Candice is 13 years old and a creative soul. She enjoys a variety of things which include decorating, designing, writing fiction, directing performances and original movies with her sisters, tap dancing, hip hop, taking long walks in nature, ice cream, quality time with others, art, road trips, caring for animals and rollercoasters! She has a heart for the scriptures and enjoys gleaning from Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.